Week 1

This week’s Player of The Week goes to Brigitte Bussiere of Monroe Township Soccer Club! Bussiere is an attacking player who plays in the 10, 9 and 7 positions for her club. 

While playing in those roles, she gets her inspiration from her favorite player, Marta from Brazil. Marta has won 5 Player of The Year awards and is the captain of Brazil.

“I admire her (Marta) skill and want to be as good as her someday,” said Bussiere. "I think that players need to give it their all during training and strive for their personal best every time they step onto the pitch. All players need to exploit their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses. They need to set goals for themselves every training session and strive to be the best they can be."

Every player takes away a different experience from Next Gen. There is a lot to be leanred from the program, but it is up to the players to apply themselves on and off of the field. Here is what Bussiere had to say.

"I think that Next Gen is an amazing program that works hard to help improve the skills and attitudes of all players. Next Gen USA teaches discipline and the path that all players need to take to achieve their goals. I believe that Next Gen USA has made me more focused on the path of pursuing my dreams. I've learned more about myself and the steps that I need to take to make my dreams come to life. Next Gen has drastically improved my technique and tactical gameplay, along with teaching me the attitude of a player at the highest level. I feel at home every time that I walk into the training session. I encourage all committed players to join this program, as it will benefit them for the rest of their soccer career."

Motivation to want to become better is key to development. Sometimes it is other players, coaches, parents, heroes or other influences that pushes players to the next level of development. So what pushes Bussiere?

"When I watch players who are amazingly talented technically and tactically, it motivates me to be better. I always strive to be the best. Competing against these players sends a competitive drive throughout my mind. I want to stand out. I want to reach personal excellence and pursue being the best."

Well said and thanks again Brigitte! And once again, congratulations on winning the Player of The Week award!

Week 2

This week’s Player of The Week goes to Lucas Farkas! The stiker from TSF Academy has been showing a great deal of dedication and hard work during his training at U-Athletic in Farmingdale, NJ! Not only on the field, but also during his Character of Champions workshops that help build character!

Farkas loves to be a creative player on the field and just enjoys the game like his favorite player Ronaldinho!  The Brazilian has helped grow the game globally by expressing himself every single time that he gets the ball at his feet.

“Just keep practicing, working hard and good things will come,” said Farkas. “Next Gen is a great training environment to bring you to the next level! My dream is to live like professional players live now.”

Thanks for the tips Lucas and continuing to show your dedication to the sport! Once again, congratulations on winning Player of The Week!

Week 3

This week’s Player of The Week goes to Ian Ferdas of Cherry Hill FC in Cherry Hill, NJ! Ferdas is a playmaking central midfielder for his club and likes to emulate his favorite player Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City.

Ferdas has been attending the School Release Program at Total Turf in Pitman, NJ and at the Life Center Academy in Burlington, NJ. He has been a part of the Emerging Talent Centers, Local Training Centers and is now a part of the School Release Program.

“Don't be afraid to try new and difficult things during practice,” said Ferdas. “It’s OK if it doesn't work. The best way to get better is to challenge yourself.”

When training, Ferdas just enjoys himself. He shows up to with a smile on his face and brings that same attitude while on the field. Recently, he broke his toe outside of soccer. Even with him not being able to train, Ferdas still showed up for his sessions with Next Gen. His motivation to become better in all aspects is what drives him.

“Setting goals and my desire to obtain them,” said Ferdas when asked about what motivates him. “I think it’s (Next Gen) awesome. I really like the coaches. I have learned a lot and they make soccer fun.  I get to play with a lot of really good players from all different clubs around the area. I think Next Gen is one of the coolest things I ever been apart of.”

Thanks for your time Ian and congrats again on the Player of The Week Award!


This week’s Player of The Week goes to Aidan David of SDFC (Sport Domain Football) Club of Montclair, NJ! David has been a player who loves the game and challenges himself by playing up with his u11 team, Santos SDFC. While focusing on his main club, David also does a lot of guest playing for other teams and other programs. David has participated in many of games and tournaments. Including but not limited to the prestigious 3v3 tournament hosted by Disney every year!

David is a well-rounded player who is capable of playing in many positions. If he had to pick his favorite or position that he plays often, it would be playing in the center-attacking midfielder role.  David enjoys watching his favorite player, Sergio Aguero, play for Manchester City. Aguero is a hard working player who seems to make magic on the field when it really counts.

“Stay calm, focused, and keep your head in the game no matter what plays out on and off the field,” said David. “I am motivated by watching EPL games to see what to do and what not to do. I like to try new ides out in a game after witnessing a great play made in a professional game.”

With that type of attitude, David is without a doubt a student of the game. His commitment and determination as a player shows his character that he carries off of the field as well.

“It (Next Gen USA) is a high excelerated program for soccer players to develop their skills,” said David when asked about his feelings towards Next Gen.”

“I know he feels privileged to be a part of the Next Gen program,” said Alice David, Aidan’s mother. “He never complains about going to a Next Gen practice, always eager to attend.”

Thanks for your time Aidan and Alice! Once again, congratulations to Aidan on winning The Player of The Week award!


Week 5

This week’s Player of The Week goes to Riley Boucher of Real New Jersey Soccer Club in Medford, NJ! Boucher attends the ETC program at Total Turf in Pitman, NJ. She is a dynamic forward who also is able to play in the midfield for her club.

When playing and training, Boucher uses her favorite player, Alex Morgan, as someone to look up to. “Always train hard like you are playing in a game,” said Boucher. “Don't be afraid to try new things because that's how you build confidence on the field.”

The striker has shown great confidence and leadership not only on the field, but off the field as well. She constantly gives respect to her opponents, teammates and coaches during training sessions.

“I really like the coaches at Next Gen because they teach you different ways to prepare for situations on and off the field. I am definitely motivated by playing with and against players that challenge me because it forces me to think more, run faster, and use my skills to beat my opponent.”

Thanks Riley! Once again, congratulations on winning Player of The Week!


This week’s Player of The Week goes to Giovanni Calderon of Everton F.C. West Chester! Calderon attends the Emerging Talent Center in Danbury, Connecticut. The center back has displayed great character while being a part of Next Gen.

Calderon enjoys being a leader much like his favorite player Sergio Ramos. The Real Madrid captain has been in charge of the Galacticos for the last 6 seasons and has lead them to 1 Fifa World Cup, 1 Champions League Cup, UEFA Super Cup, 1 La Liga Title and 2 Copa Del Rey Trophies!

“Training tips that I would give to players,” said Calderon, “is to check your shoulder when receiving the ball. Players must also be involved in the game with and without the soccer ball.  And to give your very best in every game and practice.”

“I think that Next Gen is a amazing experience! Next Gen has great training and shapes you into a leader. Also, it gives great opportunities. Next Gen gives you a opportunity to go abroad to different countries. This is a great program and I would not trade it for anything. My motivation is to become a Professional Soccer Player. I put my best in every practice and game so I can become this someday.”

Thanks for your time Giovanni! Best of luck on your goals and congratulations again on winning the award!

Week 7

This week’s Player of The Week goes to Piper McGraw from SABA’s Girls Academy in Brooklyn, NY! McGraw attends Aviator Sports and Event Center located in Brooklyn, NY.

McGraw is a midfielder who is capable of playing through the center or out wide on the right. Her favorite player, Tobin Heath, plays in those same exact roles. Heath, a National team, Portland Timbers and ex Paris Saint-Germain player, has won two Olympic gold medals, a World Cup and a World Cup Runners-Up medal.

“Train the way you play,” said McGraw. “When you step on the field for training, focus and give it your all. I love Next Gen training because it is a great way to experience high level quality training with other quality players while having fun.”

When asked what her motivation for her to become better she replied, “My love of the game.”

Thanks for your time Piper! And once again, congratulations on winning Player of The Week! 

Week 9

This week’s Player of The Week goes to Michael DaCosta of Harrison Soccer Club! With a smile on his face every training session, DaCosta constantly shows his excitement. DaCosta plays as a striker and winger with the Harrison Vipers. They are split into two teams (SJSL, EDP) and he plays for both teams. DaCosta has also been playing/training with NJ ODP. He was also selected to the Region 1 team.

The striker’s favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid. The Portuguese attacker has become one of the world’s most popular players and has won countless trophies.

“Practice juggling everyday,” said DaCosta. “My goal is to hit 100 juggles without dropping the ball. Do that several times a day. I also go in my backyard and practice shooting from distance trying to improve my accuracy and power. Keep a ball at your feet as much as possible (my mother doesn't like me to play in the house so get permission from your parents first). In my free time I like watching YouTube videos studying how the top players train and play. I then try to mimic their technique.”

“I always look forward to the training days at NextGen. The coaches are awesome and have a lot of experience. They are very patient with me and the other players and calmly explain how I can improve.”

So what motivates this young passionate player? "I love playing soccer, no other sport comes close. I get super excited and anxious on game days because I want to do well and help my team win. I want to be a pro soccer player and in my mind I can see myself playing at the top level."

Thanks again Mike! Best of luck on your future goals! And once again, congratulations on winning Players of The Week!


This week’s Player of the Week is our first ever Co-Player of The Week! Juni Smith and Noah Vicari from Cohansey Arsenal! Both players showed their character at the end of the Boy’s ETC Games Night when they cleaned up the entire field at Total Turf!

Smith is a defender for his club, but is capable of playing in midfield as well as being a forward. His favorite player is US National team member Gyasi Zardes! Zardes also plays forward with his club, LA Galaxy. His style and flair have made him a fan favorite for US Soccer.

“Just keep training,” said Smith. “Because when you're not, it shows on the field. And all of the time that you are not (training), someone out there is getting better than you.”

“I think Next Gen is truly delightful and professional. I enjoy every moment in the program. I believe that every second I'm there, I'm learning valuable life lessons and that I'm getting closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional soccer player.”

“My biggest motivations are my family and my coach because they encourage me to keep on going and strive for greatness. My future also motivates me as well as Messi. These two are motivations to me because they make me think of what I want to be like, and what I don't.”

Thanks for your time Juni and Congratulations on winning Player of The Week! Now on to Noah!

Vicari is a defender for his club team, but he has the skillset of playing in any position on the field.  His favorite player is Lionel Messi of Barcelona. Messi has turned a lot of people into Barcelona fans over the last few years by his close control dribbling and love for the game.

When asked if he had any training tips for players Vicari responded, “Maintain persistence and never give up. Next Gen is a great program that brings out the best in a player and helps them realize their true potential.”

So what motivates Vicari to keep developing in this game? “I hope to one day become a professional player.”

Thanks Noah! We hope that you are able to achieve your goals and dreams! And once again, congratulations to both players on winning Player of The Week!