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Developmental Need

If the U.S. is to reach its potential as a global force in soccer, there needs to be a more strategic approach to identifying and developing talent in underserved urban communities.



With reaching out to all areas throughout the region will bring a great opportunity to realize the potential of promising young players living within most immigrant communities. There is a rich soccer culture that often exists there.



Even more important than developing players for college and professional careers, soccer can be a catalyst for social change that helps address important social challenges such as:

  • Reducing childhood obesity through physical activity and improved diet and nutrition.
  • Improving academic performance and decreasing high school dropout rates.
  • Decreasing involvement in risky behaviors such as drugs, crime, violence & gang participation.

Through the development of “Learning Through Soccer” programs in urban communities, we can shape, and in some cases, save the lives of those at potential risk.


Next Gen USA aims to provide a progressive pathway of opportunity for promising young players to reach their maximum playing potential and become the next generation of leaders and role models in their communities.


Urban Promise Centers

Next Gen aims to appoint Urban Promise Directors who will work together with local community partners to create:

  • After school opportunities, aimed at bringing together talented young players into inspirational learning environments, for advanced training sessions and soccer-based educational and leadership programming.


Next Gen Leadership Academies

Talented players from urban communities are quite often limited in their college choices because of poor academic environments and performance. 


Therefore Next Gen aims to offer school-based programming within urban communities.

  • Non residential 3rd – 12th Grade extended day Charter schools.
  • Innovative activity based learning curriculum for core academic subjects.
  • Progressive Mentoring, College Preparation and Workforce Development Programs for middle and high school students.

Get Involved

To learn more or support Next Gen’s Urban Promise Initiatives contact Tony Williams tony@nextgenusa.org