This week’s Player of The Week goes to Joseph Conte of Cherry Hill Soccer Club! Joseph is a 2006 player and is part of the #NGUSA School Release Program in South Jersey. He is a team player who everyone enjoys having on their side. It is very rare to see him not juggling ball at any point during a session.

Conte has been playing central midfield for his club. He is a player who enjoys the ball at his feet and enjoys controlling the game. His favorite player is Lionel Messi, who of course has the same mentality of demanding the ball as much as possible. Watching Conte’s drive during training sessions shows what type of player that he and wants to become.

“Learn new skills in practice and then play at home to master them,” said Conte. “It (Next Gen) is fun and I like playing with other kids that challenge me and make me a better player.”

So what is the best motivation for Conte? “To have fun and to work to be the best player on the fielded.”

Thanks Joseph for your time and once again congratulations on winning Player of The Week!


Week two’s Player of The Week goes to Tatum Stielow of Vorhees Soccer Club! Stielow is a part of the #NGUSA School Release Program in South Jersey. She has been training with the older boys and girls and has never backed down in any session! She has been impressive in the last few weeks and has grown tremendously since first coming into the program!

Stielow is a midfielder for her club. She has always shown her foot skills and vision during the training sessions that has helped her adapt to the physical game with the older players. Her favorite player is the USWNT Legend Mia Hamm, who owes her success to playing against older boys when she was younger.

“Dribbling a smaller ball around the house for ball control & foot skills,” said Stielow when asked about training tips for other players. “I like the different levels of competition (in Next gen) because it challenges all different parts of my game.”

“I want to play in college and maybe even get a scholarship at a top program,” she replied when asked about what motivates her.

Thanks Tatum! And once again, congratulations on winning Player of The Week!


"Every player wants to be as complete as possible,” said DiNoto. “Goals for a central midfielder are very important." His favorite player, Andres Iniesta, is a prime example of what DiNoto explains. Iniesta scores and assists more than enough for both club and country.

“Always train as hard as you play in games,” said DiNoto. “So when you play in a game you are prepared.  When I walk to the bus stop in the morning I try to beat my juggling high score until the bus comes. Next Gen gives me an opportunity to play with some of my friends and to play with other very good players in the area. Also, it teaches me to be a better person through Character of Champions.”

What brings out the best in DiNoto? “My motivation is my height. I always think there's someone else better than me so I push myself to be better.  Part of a quote Andres Iniesta wrote was, ‘Small players learn to be intuitive, to anticipate, to protect the ball.’”

Thanks again for everything John and congratulations on winning Player of The Week!

Week 4

Week 4’s Player of The Week goes to Rae Huston of Harrison Soccer Club! Huston is a former Emerging Talent Center player who has since graduated into the School Release Program. He is in his third cycle of Next Gen after being accepted into the program in Fall 2015.

Huston is an attacking player for his club. His favorite player is Paul Pogba of Juventus. Pogba has been making headlines in recent times and continues to impress in the first divison of Italian Soccer as well as on the world stage for France. After being released from Manchester United, Pogba continued to develop. He has since made the world 11 team and has won numerous titles with his club team Juventus.

“In training, train your hardest,” said Huston. “Because you don't know who is watching or what could happen. Never become frustrated if you don't succeed the first time. I think Next Gen is a good way to keep your skills sharp and it helps me act like a professional and I love the coaches. The best motivation for me is having my teammates believe in me, and proving everyone else wrong.”

Thanks for your time Rae! Continue to work hard and chase after your dreams!

Week 5

Week 5’s Player of The Week goes to Patrick Irvine of Cohansey Soccer Club! Irvine plays in defender and amidfielder for his club. He is a part of the #NGUSA Emerging Talent Centers and has recently been selected for the National Honors Society. His work ethic has paid off on the field as well as off the field!

Irvine’s favorite player is Argentine playmaker, Lionel Messi. Messi has been World Player of The Year countless times. He has turned a lot of people into soccer and Barcelona fans. Messi continues to be seen as one of the best players in the world and will continue to challenge for the title in the coming years.

“A tip about training is try your hardest,” said Irvine. “Don't give up because there is always someone watching and they could be impressed. I think Next Gen is a good training program and it has improved how I preform on the pitch. But it's not just how I preform on the pitch, it is also how my character has improved. I have many motivations to become a better soccer player but my best motivation is my family. It's my family because I don't want to let them down because they have invested so much in me to play soccer.”

Well said and thanks for your time Patrick! Once again, congratulations on winning Player of The Week!