Can I fly on the same flight as my child?

Parents are welcome to travel to watch the matches but must secure separate ground/air transport as well as separate lodging.  This is done because we are working to better prepare players at all ages for potential U.S. National Team Programs, Professional Club travel and College.

when will the flight details be available?

As soon as the flights are booked, flight details will be provided via email.

is my child required to travel with the squad?

It is recommended that all players travel with the squad, however for players travelling from outside New Jersey and its neighboring states, players may travel directly. Players not travelling with the squad must notify the Next Gen Select Squad coordinator upon registration. On such occasions, permission must be obtained and personal flights need to coordinate with  the main group travel.


Invariably Next Gen will issue all-inclusive price, which includes flights. However, when parents make their own flight arrangements, this may reflect on the final cost.

where will all events take place?

Your child's invitation will have all the details of the locations of the facilities, hotels and training grounds if it is known at the date of the invitation. If not, this will be communicated via email as soon as we have that information available.

Please note for some tournaments we are not notified until a few weeks prior to travel.

can my child stay on after the tour?

Yes they can however, any deviations from our flight itinerary must be agreed with Tony Williams. 

Deviations must be submitted no later than 2 months prior to departure. 

How will my child contact home during the tour?

If your child has a cell phone they will be encouraged to call/text home each evening.

We recommend downloading "Whats app" which works on Wi-Fi and is a free way to contact home.

It is important to remember that the days are very busy and the players are tired in the evenings so the calls home may only be short.

The coaching staff will send out daily emails with updates on the days events, and it is recommended that you follow us on Twitter and Facebook for additional updates.

can i interact with my child during the tour?

When parents are at games, we always allow some time for interaction with the players immediately afterwards. However, we don't encourage parents to make any other commitments with their child, as most of the time the players will be involved in group activities.

will my child get equal playing time?

We would never take players away and not give them playing time. That said, we are preparing players, (particularly older age groups) for an elite level of competitive soccer, from MLS or DA to College, where field time is not guaranteed, and players must earn the right to be on the field. There is a balance that we try to make, but the developmental purpose of our tours is to challenge and stretch the players both on and off the field. Dealing with not being a guaranteed starter, and fighting for pitch time, may well prove to be a challenge that holds players in good stead.

will the players train together prior to the tour?

Because Next Gen players are invariably selected from multiple States, and most players are heavily involved with club commitments, it is not guaranteed that there is always time for the selected group to train together. However, we do like to have one or two Regional Training Centers at a convenient location for as many players as possible to get to. Details on the time, date and location will be emailed as soon as any date is confirmed.

Do i need to purchase kit for the tour?

The players will be provided with the following for the tour:

· Tracksuit

· Polo Shirt

· Training & Game Kits

· Knapsack

· Rain Jacket

These will be given to the players at the airport and will be collected after landing from the return flight.

what do i need to pack?

All players must travel in Dark Jacket, White Shirt, Tie, dark trousers and dress shoes.

Player must pack:

· Cleats, Sneakers & slides

· Shin guards

· Under armor (Royal Blue & Red) - this is not required, please check the local weather to determine if you child requires this

· Khaki Pants

· Swim trunks

· Underwear, casual t-shirts and shorts

· Toiletries

· Cell phones & Universal Power Adapter

· Spending Money

· Homework

· Notebook/Folder

how much spending money can my child take?

Player may take up to $200, this must be changed into the local currency prior to meeting at the airport.

Currency can be changed at a local Travelex store.

can my child room with his friend?

While this may be permitted for first time younger players, we encourage players to room with players they do not know to better prepare players for potential U.S. National Team Programs and Professional Club travel. Many life-long friendships come from rooming with a previously unknown teammate. 


Players will always know the room of Next Gen staff and are encouraged to knock on the door at ANY TIME of the day or night. From experience, often a quiet chat with a member of staff, or the knowledge that they can call or see mom & dad tomorrow , does the trick. To date, there have been a few that have been a bit tearful, but to everyones credit, not one player has ever asked to leave a tour. Coming out of their comfort zone can cause some youngsters a little distress, but their sense of achievement when they battle through it, has certainly seen a huge growth in their self-confidence.

my child has food allergies can they still travel?

Yes, players with allergies may travel.

We ask that if your child has severe food allergies that you let us know and that you contact the accommodation prior to travel to ensure that they are also fully aware.

If your child has emergancy medication please ensure that this is communicated to staff on drop off at the airport.

How much luggage can my child take?

Players make take one checked bag and one carry on. 

Please leave room in one of these bags for the players kit.


will feedback be provided to my child?

Verbal, one on one feedback will be given to each player during the tour.

do i need to purchase travel insurance?

While this is not required we do recommend purchasing travel insurance.


If your child is travelling overseas a passport is required and must be valid for 3 months after the return date.

For internal tours player will need a photo id.

what happens if i am late in making my payments for the tour?

Any payments made more that 5 business days after the due date will be subject to a $30 late fee.

All players must be paid in full 30 days prior to travel to be permitted to travel.

what is the refund policy?

All refunds will be subject to a $150 cancellation fee. A refund of the initial deposit minus the $150 fee will be granted provided the cancellation is communicated in writing, prior to the date stated on the registration link. No refunds will be given after this date. Injured players may be offered partial credit towards a future Next Gen program.

when will we find out which other players are attending the tour?

A full squad list will provided during the webinar.

when will the webinar be held?

The webinar is usually held 2 weeks prior to travel.

how do i pay my installments?

Installment invoices will be sent out approximately 7 days prior to the due date, these will be sent to the primary email address that was provided on registration.

Can i pay by check?

Yes payment by check is permitted.

Please mail check to:

112, Bentley Drive, Mt Laurel, NJ 08054

i have additional questions who should i contact?

For additional questions please contact:

General questions -

Financial question -

Midwest Coordinator -