2017-18 Select Squad Tour Events for Boys & (Girls)

November 2017: Argentina, Spain Boys 2005/2006

December 2017: Argentina & Finland Girls 2002-2004

February 2018: Arizona PDT - Boys 2001/2002

March 2018: UK - Boys 2003-2006
              Holland - Boys 2003
 Spain MIC  - Boys 2004-2006

May / June 2018: Belgium - Boys 2005
Holland - Boys 2007 & 2008
Holland - Girls 2003-2006

July 2018: Denmark Boys 2004-2006

Surf Cup 2018. Boys & Girls 2001-2003

August 2018: UK - Girls 2004-2008
UK Boys 2004-2008
 Holland Boys 2008

November 2018: Bermuda


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Next Gen USA offers an educationally-unique and distinguished program for promising male and female soccer players to test their skills, knowledge and athletic abilities against the world's best youth Academies and developmental squads.

The Select Squad Tour Program is by invitation only and is one of the most challenging soccer training and development programs available to American youth soccer players. 

Select Squad Tour team participants are identified by Next Gen USA technical staff and/or club directors from participating youth clubs across the United States. Players can be nominated by a club official or coach as well provided that they attend a Next Gen USA talent identification festival such as a District Development Festival or Showcase ID event.

Over the past several years, Next Gen USA has organized and led Select Squad Teams abroad to train and compete against the following professional club Academy teams and other top youth clubs in tournaments.

  • Banfield F.C., ARGENTINA
  • Boca Juniors, ARGENTINA
  • Vasco de Gama, BRAZIL
  • Bassevelde Cup, BELGIUM
  • Arsenal F.C., Aston Villa, Chelsea F.C., Fleetwood Town F.C., Liverpool F.C., ENGLAND
  • Reading F.C., West Ham United F.C., ENGLAND
  • Rotterdam Cup & Ruud Wit Tournament, HOLLAND 
  • FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF., SPAIN
  • MIC Cup, SPAIN


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