The aim is to inspire, educate and empower promising young players by aligning our strategic approach with that of the rest of the world. After extensive research into best practice at top global soccer academies, Next Gen will offer this innovative opportunity to the most committed players who aspire to transform potential into professionalism.



      Best-with- Best, year round, close to home, with primary focus on the development of the individual

      Contact time with the most promising players twice per week as opposed to once per month will accelerate development

      By combining soccer tutoring with educational support - Performance both on and off the pitch will be simultaneously accelerated.


      The program will provide individualized soccer-specific training, tutor support with schoolwork, as well as our acclaimed Character of Champions workshops.

      Players will be empowered to take responsibility for their own learning both on and off the field.

      Regular feedback shared with players, parents and schoolteachers.



      A unique and inspirational LEARNING ENVIRONMENT
     A forward-thinking curriculum, to develop Character, Attitude and Leadership skills for life through a passion for soccer.
      Technical, Tactical skills development and Game Understanding program to present greater choices for future College placement, as well as potential Professional Club opportunities both at home and abroad.


The program runs concurrently with the academic school year.