About The REGIONAL IDF Program:

  • Most festivals are four-day regional events, 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Featuring Next Gen USA technical staff and visiting Pro Club coaches from Europe and South America
  • Work with a different international coach everyday
  • World Class Training, Games, & Education Environment
  • Local venues in all Next Gen USA development territories
  • Elite Competitive Travel Players BOYS & GIRLS 2001 - 2009

Why You Should Be A Part of It:

  • To PLAY with the best players and be TRAINED by coaches from top international academies
  • To train everyday with a pro-club coach from a different country
  • Potential to be invited to train at an international pro-club academy
  • Opportunity to be chosen to go on a Next Gen USA SELECT SQUAD TOUR
  • *New this year * End of Summer Free Games Festival for players selected by pro-club coaches

June '17 Festivals

July '17 Festivals

August '17