Character of Champions Assignments:

(At the front of your portfolio please include; a) a soccer picture of yourself, b) the name of your club and coach, and c) your Next Gen training center.)

To be completed and submitted at the end of the season, the player portfolio should be a snapshot of your personality off and on the field. This is your opportunity to develop a player bio that speaks to your values, your inspiration and your experience; things that any coach at any level wants to know about you.  

Be creative: add pictures, photos, quotes, anything that might interest someone about you. The portfolio does not need to be lengthy, just thoughtful and well-presented.

Try to keep the document to no more than 2 pages if you are using word, and a few slides if you using power-point. The portfolios will be emailed to your director during the last week of the season.   

Week 1 (Confidence):


  • Imagine yourself in 15 years. You are surrounded by the most important people in your life, who are they and what are you doing?
  • Draft a personal mission statement that includes the word confidence. Briefly explain how confidence will enable you to achieve your goals. 

Week 2 (Conviction):

Player Profile Assignment: 

  • Provide an  example of a players wants being sacrificed for the teams needs.
  • Articulate several personal short-term (season long) goals that will guide your decision makingBriefly explain how these goals will influence your decisions on the pitch. 

Week 3 (Courage): 

Player Profile Assignment: 

  • Provide an inspiring example of a professional player demonstrating courage. 
  • Where does your courage come from? What inspires you to perform on the pitch even when the match is lost or the opposition intimidates you?  

Week 4 (Persistence): 

Player Profile Assignment: 

  • Provide an example of a professional player failing in his or her career, and explain how they demonstrated persistence in recovering from this disappointment? 

  • Why does this story inspire you?

WEEK 5 (Desire & Passion): 


  • Discuss and review your player profile with your teammates (small groups)

  • Present a summary of your ideas to the main group 

Week 6 (Goal setting): 

Player Profile Assignment: 

  • Write down two S.M.A.R.T. goals
    • One for you as a player
    • One for your team

Write down a quote about goal setting that inspires you


  • Think of yourself as a coach. Select two of the following and explain why having responsible players could help:

  • For the team as a whole

  • For the team's reputation

  • For player to player relations

  • For player to coach relations

  • For possible careers in the game

  • For the teams attitude

  • For locker room morale

Week 8 (honesty):

  • What does honesty look like on the pitch?
  • What does honesty look like at home?
  • What does honesty look like at school?



  • How does a positive mental attitude help you develop as a player?