• By partnering with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, Next Gen USA aims to deliver customized coaching education and support that caters exactly to the needs of volunteer and part-time coaches.
  • Through the NSCAA's vast network of coaching education services, young, emerging coaches who take the NSCAA's “Next Generation Youth Coaching & Leadership Diploma” will acquire the skills, knowledge and planning ability to lead teams, training sessions and empower youth through their knowledge of soccer coaching.
  • This partnership is designed by both Next Gen USA and the NSCAA to help discover and educate the next generation of talented, young American coaches.

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We offer coach education "modules" that allows coaches to work at their own pace and in their own time. These 'modules' are either classroom or field sessions designed by their respective organizations. Coaches may choose to attend just one that catches their attention, or commit to all available modules that relates to their team’s age group.

Clubs or organizations can purchase 15, 30, 45 or 60 hour courses that can be delivered according to their custom made schedule. 

All organizations have the ability to customize an NSCAA coaching diploma or with the help of Next Gen Coaches Club create their own special topics diploma. 

Click LEARN MORE for a list of modules you can customize to bring to your organization.



Individuals may apply, or groups nominated by High School coaches can attend. 

Overview of the NSCAA's Next Generation Youth Coaching & Leadership Diploma:

  • Coaching Education
    • Instruction on various techniques for U-10 players and under
    • Training on Small sided games
    • Health and Safety protocol
  • Leadership Training
    • Introduction to Leadership Qualities
    • Leadership Styles and communication 
    • Conflict Management and Resolution
    • Goal-Setting
    • Leadership Traits of High School Students
    • Team Building and Working with Others
    • Resume Building and Cover Letter Design
    • Ethical Decision Making
  • Post Course Coaching & Leadership Experience
    • Students will have the opportunity to put their education into practice through 10 required hours of coaching and leadership experience either within Next Gen’s programming, at their own soccer club, or in their community. Once the students have completed the program they will receive: 

Why take the Diploma?

  • Earn a nationally recognized NSCAA 4 v 4 Coaching Diploma 
  • Earn a Next Gen “Character of Champions” Youth Leadership Certificate
  • Bolster your athletic and academic resumes
  • College Letter of Recommendation from, Next Gen’s Director of College Programming, which can be attached to college applications
  • Coaches and Admission Officers to help support and strengthen the college application


Clubs & Organizations

  • The majority of youth soccer coaches struggle to attend most coaching education licenses because of the time and travel involved. Bringing education closer to home on a more flexible schedule is more appealing 
  • Our "modular" based approach helps coaches of all experiences retain more information and therefore able to deliver it back to their players in a more efficient way
  • Our age specific modules, partnered with the NSCAA, align with most club’s curriculums and philosophies
  • All coaches who attend a specific amount of technical and/or tactical modules will earn a nationally recognized coaching diploma

Student Athletes

  • Build on and deepen leadership skills in soccer and in the community
  • Introduce candidates to coaching concepts and their application
  • Elevate understanding of the game at both a technical and tactical level
  • Offer an initial but substantial glimpse into coaching as a potential career, or part-time employment
  • Gain a National Diploma and become part of NSCAA the world’s largest coaching organization
  • Strengthen and gain competitive advantage in the college application process


The NSCAA is delighted that Next Gen Coaches Club has decided to include an NSCAA diploma in their Next Generation Youth Coaching and Leadership Diploma. The engagement, education and ongoing support of young people in the game is important to the NSCAA. Next Gen Coaches Club has designed a program that incorporates NSCAA education, that will strengthen the game and, more importantly, the communities in which it is played.
— Ian Barker NSCAA Director of Coaching Education

Next Gen Coaches Club’ is certain to be an exciting and impactful program that will help to empower and inform our younger generation of players and future coaches. Not only will these student-athletes learn more about the game and how to teach it, but they will be serving our communities, modeling positive behavior, and opening pathways to a more holistic educational experience for all involved. In addition, college admissions offices will take notice of this work. This experience is bound to create additional opportunities for these young student-athletes.
— Greg Holker is a current NCAA Div. 3 Head Coach at Augsburg College, MYSA Coach Education Staff, DOC, 20+ years coaching experience in youth, collegiate, and amateur levels,

In a new initiative, ‘Next Gen’s Coaches Club’ has created a refreshingly innovative “Coaching & Leadership” course for high school student-athletes. The program, worthy of a wholehearted endorsement, seeks to develop future generations of American soccer coaches. The certificate is a game enhancer for student-athletes who will, no doubt, reap many benefits throughout their playing careers. Indeed, community involvement and educational benefits exist as these young athletes are afforded a head start toward their “Coaching & Leadership” qualifications which hopefully will translate into an increasing number of certified ‘youth coaching counselors.’ As a lifelong coach-educator, I applaud Next Gen Coaches Club’s insight and foresight in proactively exposing today’s high school athletes to a meaningful introductory coaching course.
— Barry Gorman is a NSCAA Past President, former Professional Player, High School Teacher & Coach, NCAA D1 & D2 Head Coach and former MLS Technical Director.

To find out more information about Next Gen Coaches Club contact Jeff Bookman