"My son thoroughly enjoyed the first Character of Champions webinar and is looking forward to the next one.  Tony did a great job interacting with the kids, keeping my son and the others engaged and thinking throughout the session.   The webinar encouraged the kids to think about abstract, character-building concepts (in this session – goal setting) in a way that made them understandable, tangible and actionable.  Tony walked through the thought process and other tools necessary for the kids to set and achieve their goals and empowered them to do so on their own.  Importantly, the session was not only good for the kids as soccer players, but it was also shown to be applicable to all facets of their lives, including academics."

Jay Healy, Parent




"My son, Kameron, was invited to attend the Character of Champions Kick Off webinar through Next Gen USA. Once again Next Gen USA has exceeded my expectations. Kameron was engaged and interactive throughout the 45 minute webinar and he said that he can't wait until the next webinar in October. Coach Tony did a great job of keeping the players engaged throughout the webinar. The boys talked about goals (on and off the field), responsibility, attitude, and academics. This webinar will be a welcome addition to Kameron's dedication to being a better player and person. Thank you, Next Gen USA."

Eida McShaw, Parent ________________________________________________________________________________


 "We had a fantastic time participating in Character of Champions webinar. The presentation covered topics that are very important to young people but not always easily understood by them because of young age. My son loved guessing who the people in the photos were, answering questions Tony asked, and seeing how his friends responded. Hearing about the importance of goal setting and taking responsibility into your own hands toward achieving your goals has made a great impact on him. Topics covering these areas should be a part of everyday teaching in schools. Therefore, we are looking forward to the next webinar!"

Joanna Baczewska, Parent




"I really liked Coach Williams' online class! Everything from learning about character-building to interacting with Tony and the other Next Gen players. I can't wait for next month's class!"

Kristian Hoffmeister, Player