Next Gen USA Leadership Foundation through its programming provides progressive mentoring, college preparation and workforce development programs for middle and high school students. Next Gen USA Leadership Foundation focuses on youth development, workforce development and educational training services for underserved youth. Next Gen USA Leadership Foundation aims to empower children and families with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete a higher education, while providing scholarships and support services to as many exceptional middle and high school students as possible.

Next Gen USA Leadership Foundation is committed to working in collaboration with non-profit organizations whose mission and charitable efforts are in concert with the Foundation’s mission and vision. This includes, but is not limited to, the development of collaborative partnerships that expand educational opportunities for at-risk youth to participate in Foundation programs such as Urban Promise and the Next Gen Leadership Academy.



Next Gen Leadership Academy is a private, educational institution that inspires and empowers students to strive for excellence in Academics, Leadership and Athletics.  Next Gen Leadership Academy is open to students, ages 12-18, who aspire to attend college, technical school or university. There are admissions procedures, standards and requirements for all prospective students interested in enrolling in the Academy.

Currently, after completing the fall 2018 semester, there are a total of 52 full-time male students enrolled in the Academy, which is the first phase of growth and operations for the Academy. The next phase of the strategic plan for the Academy is to expand enrollment to include educational opportunities for female students, beginning in the fall of 2018.  By the year 2020, the goal is to reach enrollment of 100 students, with 50 male and 50 female participants, and to retain a minimum of 90 percent of the student body each year thereafter.

The school is accredited by AdvancED, The Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Council on Accreditation & School Improvement, The Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools, and The Northwest Accreditation Commission. It is also a registered entity with the New Jersey Department of Education and classified as a non-public school.

The Academy is managed by Sam Gough, who has advanced degrees in educational administration, leadership and supervision. Mr. Gough oversees a team of five professional educators and tutors who deliver instruction and mentor students on a daily basis throughout the school year.


Children who are raised and reside in underserved urban neighborhoods are quite often disconnected from, or are unable to afford the opportunities available to, those living in the suburban areas.  The Next Gen USA Leadership Foundation Urban Promise program aims to provide a progressive pathway of opportunity for youth participants to access and engage in educational services that inspire, enrich and educate through hands-on learning. The program helps participants develop life skills, acquire and employ conflict resolution strategies and embrace the importance of leadership in academic and athletic settings.

The Urban Promise Program furthers Next Gen USA Leadership Foundation’s mission to enable underserved youth to secure educational enrichment, leadership, character health and wellness services by engaging in programs that are located close to or near their schools and primary neighborhoods.

The program is organized in underserved communities for all economically-disadvantaged youth between the ages of 9-17. It is an annual enrichment and training program that is divided into three 10-to-12-week seasonal training cycles.  Currently, Urban Promise programming is slated to begin operations this fall in Atlantic City, New Jersey through a partnership with Atlantic City Public Schools and the AtlantiCare Foundation.  Students will participate in an organized activities led by Next Gen USA Leadership Foundation personnel and conclude each academic workshop with an interactive life skills lesson in a classroom setting.  Students will be required to complete homework assignments that address how to integrate their learning into everyday life in soccer, school and at home.




Gifts to the Foundation’s Annual Fund underwrite programmatic and operational expenses associated with the Next Gen Leadership Academy, Urban Promise Program in Atlantic City and the Foundation's Scholarship Fund. Each program is a vital aspect of the Foundation’s mission and commitment to impacting children and families in the Next Gen USA family. Every gift counts no matter the amount. Every gift makes a difference and has an immediate and critical impact to the student agency experience. Your gift will inspire others.


The Next Gen USA Leadership Foundation is many great things, and yet nothing without everyone’s active participation. Student-athletes get involved in all aspects of academics, leadership development, athletics and service. Our supporters—parents, partners, staff and friends—provide the volunteer and philanthropic support critical to creating robust programming and innovative teaching.

What matters is getting involved, not the total number of hours you volunteer or the dollar amount of your donation. Our community depends on the generosity and commitment of our parents for its strength. Give what you can and be a contributor to that which makes the Foundation and its signature programs, NGLA and Urban Promise Program in Atlantic City, the educational catalyst that it is and has been to more than 250 youth.