Good evening,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful experience you have provided for our son Jake.  We greatly appreciate how well the entire tour was organized and the memorable experience that Jake will have throughout life. Not only does the Next Gen USA Academy provide one of the highest levels of soccer training and development, it also encourages academic excellence and character building. As parents, we believe these values play a significant role in positive development. Jake will benefit greatly from the experiences on this tour and his continued participation in the program. It was such an honor for Jake to be selected for the tour. Thank you to all of the coaches and directors for their dedication and commitment providing an unforgettable experience for our son!
Stacey & Paul Salas

England Tour 2015

Good evening,
I would like to thank you both along with all the other coaches for the great experience Alexander Dos Santos had under your guidance.  He can’t stop talking about how much he learned and enjoyed this trip.  
Thank you again for all you have done to make him understand what is necessary to grow as a player.
Best regards,
Luis Dos Santos


Dear Coach Jeff,

Thank you very much for the great opportunity that i will never forget. I learned so much! It was a great experience!

From Ki Costa


We can't thank you enough for giving Isaac the opportunity to tour the UK with Next Gen USA.  Not only has he improved his soccer skills this season under your direction and by playing with this talented group, he improved his confidence, maturity, and professionalism.  I was concerned since this was his first time away from home, but he continues to share amazing stories that he will treasure for a lifetime.  Last summer, Isaac was heartbroken when he didn't make the Union Pre-Academy team, and you came along at the perfect time to offer encouragement to his love of the game. The way you connect with the boys and run your sessions is second to none.  Marisol, thank you for your time as well planning the trip and coordinating the sessions.  Thank you for everything all of you do, and I will continue to recommend the club to others.
Heidi Flores


Dear Tony and Jeff and Marisol,
First of all, thank you for a wonderful trip!  We truly appreciate all that you did in preparation for and during the trip to Barcelona and Palamos.
It was a great experience for Toshi, both on and off the field. The high level of play both challenged and inspired him; it both boosted his confidence and spurred him on to further improvement. Although he did not get to play as much as he had hoped, that too was an important learning experience; he is turning it into a motivation to practice even harder so that he can earn a starting position and more playing time in the future. When you have a chance, we would greatly appreciate any critical feedback you may have about his abilities and performance. 
(Should we keep this personal part in here about finances?- Will) Also, could I trouble you to send me a paid receipt for Toshi's TRAVEL EXPENSES? We paid the lump sum of 2300, but for my finances I need to have record of what part of this was for "travel expenses," including room and board as well as air and ground travel. 
Thank you all again for all that you do. We look forward to seeing you at upcoming NextGen practices.
All the best,


Amazing journey thank you so much.  Nico said it was the most amazing experience!  I told him hard work pays off.
Karyn Rosamilia


Thanks so much for inviting Sean ,  he had a great experience in an incredible soccer environment
Thanks again


Jeff and Tony

As I sit on the plane preparing for departure, I ponder the many blessings experienced this week.   I am sure that I can speak for every parent in that we were proud our boys were representing NextGen for such a tremendous experience.  All of us were on some form of Social Media sharing the unparalleled experience for the boys.  Being able to say they played with Norway and Kuwait, beat Liverpool and even to lose to Espanyol is excellent.  Thank you.   Please forgive the competitive nature of parents.  We can't seem to help ourselves.   If you are interested I would be happy to recommend TSf players.  Good luck in the UK.


Hello all, I just wanted to let u know how greatfull we are to Next Gen for giving Marcust this wonderful opportunity to be part of this tournament. This is an experience some can only dream about. We are sure this trip will make him grow as a player and as a person, it will also open his eyes how much he still has to learn and how hard he has to work to get to the top. Barcelona was always his dream, and even that he is not good with showing emotions we know he is extremely excited to be there, and to visit Camp Nou is just an icing on the cake. Thank you all for your hard work. Marisol, thank u for the updates and pictures. 
Proud to be part of Next Gen USA, u make dreams come true :)
Looking forward to see u back in US.
Maggie Brenes



Thanks so much for having me on the UK trip with NextGen.  It was an amazing learning experience for me both as a coach and a parent.  I really enjoyed talking and learning more about the game with all the guys.  Watching NextGen games, Premier League Games and Championship Games together gave me a chance to see how you and the other coaches think and see the game.  I learned that kids the age of the Ironbound team I coach are capable of so much more on and off the field.  I will use that information with our Ironbound team and push them even farther to try and better themselves as players and people.  I also learned my son is capable of more than I give him credit for sometimes.  He and I really stayed out of each other's way so I can let him find his own way (until the last day and a half when he became sick).  I was curious how he would do with all the NextGen expectations, and I'm proud of what he did.  I would never have visited the stadiums we did and see the games we saw without you making it possible.  Thanks for the memories.  See you soon.




Good morning Tony,
I wanted to thank you and the other coaches and staff at Next Gen USA for the amazing experience Luke had in the UK.  Luke had a great time and was so impressed with the professional atmosphere, organization, fields, facilities, accommodations, and food. He really enjoyed the consistently competitive level of training and games. Thank you again for including him in the tour - he really enjoyed being part of the team and would love any other opportunity you think would be of benefit to him.
Have a great day,
Lisa Thomas



Have not taken inventory of everything yet
He does not seem to have lost as much as I would have anticipated :-)
Will take the stains any day :-)
Have not managed to get to the bottom of all the stories, other that one of the older boys kept "interviewing" him during the trip
I happened to be in the sidelines of the west brom days and happened to listen to some of the comments of the older kids who were watching the game ... Amazing to see how fast the boys bonded 
The funniest discussion so far was the following exchange after the tough game against Liverpool where the boys were so massively overmatched from a physical perspective ... Was pretty tough to get the ball as a forward given that the boys defended the vast majority of the game
V: what did you think of the game BA Liverpool
P: dad did you see when I megged the guy with my elastico ?
V: you mean just before he snapped you in half like a pea?
P: yes he must have been pretty pissed
... I call that selective memory :-) but I guess it is crucial to focus on the positive when you have tough games
But in all seriousness my most sincere thanks to the entire coaching team 
Warm regards



Tony, Jeff, Kevin, Johh, Scott, and Marisol-
Just a note to express our thanks to you and your organization for a first class trip and educational experience.  I honestly believe those 8 days were worth more to Ian than a year at school.  I asked Ian to recount all the things he learned on his trip, and the list was endless- Not to mention the wonderful footballing experience.  If he hadn't come home with a Stevie G jersey, all would have been perfect (50% off, though, I'm told).  Ian is already talking about the IDF camp, and we're trying to work out a second week.  
Warmest Regards,
Sean and Tracey Breslin 


Dear Coach Tony and all UK NextGen coaches and staff,
We just want to thank you for providing Liam with such an amazing and inspirational experience. He truly had an incredible time that allowed him to take his passion to another level. We are so grateful Liam had this opportunity to grow, not only as a soccer player, but as a young person. It was such a positive and life changing experience for him!

Thank you for watching over him and guiding him with his independence. As a parent it's not easy to let go, but we trust the staff of Next Gen. We know we made the right decision to let him travel with you and grow on his own.
Thank you!
Sarah and Bob Wilson


Good morning Tony,
My wife and I would like to thank you and the entire Next Gen staff for taking Jake on this wonderful journey. He truly had a great time. I wish I was there to see it!
Kevin  had just sent an email reminder about the upcoming next gen session. As much as I would like to send him to this session and festival camps, it just isn't financially possible.
The UK tour will be one of Jake's fondest soccer memories. Thank you for making this possible.


Hello Tony:
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and all of the NextGen coaches, administrators and people behind the scenes that made this trip possible.  Brady had a great time and really enjoyed himself and the experience.  It is a credit to the NextGen family and the quality and type of players that you pick for the teams.  Everyone from coaches to players were very friendly and supportive.  Brady really grew in confidence both on and off the field as well as his love for the game.
Once again thank you all for all you did and still do for the kids and the game.


The experiences he had while there were great.  (I too felt i learned a few things)  They really came to fruition when in the week following, he would speak about the specifics of the trip to his grandparents, family members, and friends.  Now i know for a fact, that he will never forget that experience offered to him by you and NEXTGEN thank you.


Club Matches

Jack’s Wall Cosmos team went down to play the NJ Real Knights I believe #5 in the State and about 60 miles from Wall. After an intense heated 1-1 draw I noticed Jack shaking hands and joking around with one of the other team’s top players for a few minutes around the midfield area. When I asked him who that was he said it was a kid he played with during his Next Gen tryouts for Europe. The reason I see this as a Next Gen success is because the likelihood that these kids go pro is slim to none but the ability to expand their soccer network, develop mutual respect and possible friendships (which I think builds confidence) is absolutely a real tangible benefit and although it was subtle it was pretty cool to see happen.
Rolfe Gotsch


Tony, just wanted to drop you a note about Peter. Since he returned from Spain I have noticed a change in his commitment and drive to excel. His confidence on the field is higher than it has ever been and he is doing very well. I attribute his experience with nextgen as a big reason for where he is right now. Just wanted to say thanks.
Hope all is well. Talk to you soon


Thank you

As we come to the end of the Spring soccer season, I wanted to give you an update on my Caroline.
I feel her play has risen and her skill level has been enhanced significantly from her experience at USA NextGen last Fall.
Even her coaches have commented on her play," she is playing the best soccer she's ever played." In her last five games with Haddonfield (in the JAGs) Caroline has recorded…a  Hattrick, one goal, two goals, one goal and another Hat-trick(plus 5 assists). 
Thank you for the opportunity you have given Caroline. She is once again happy and confident playing soccer. 
Thank you.


Coach Meredith:
 I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you and the other coach for all you are doing with the Next Gen program at FSA in CT.  My wife and I have been beyond thrilled with what we have seen in Aubrey and in the short time she has been with you we have seen a tremendous amount of growth.  This was the hope/objective in our decision to have her join the program it we feel it has paid huge dividends thus far. 
Her growth off the field (which was our objective) is a derivative of the her time in the classroom and field with you.  We have seen Aubrey positon some of the skills and tactics she has learned in her travel and club games as well as in everyday life. And for that we thank you!!. 
Keep up the great work we look forward to watching Aubrey continue to grow on and off the field.   
Laura and Michael Kulpa

Thank You

Matt had a great year and his success can be directly attributed to Next Gen-
thx- eric prusa 

Next Gen Experience

Hi Jeff
As our 12 year old daughter embarks on the most exciting trip of her life to Canada with Next Gen,  I just wanted to briefly express what she has gotten out of the program.  Nex Gen has challenged her both mentally and developmentally to be the best player and person she can be, both on and off the field.  Next Gen has helped sharpen her goals of playing at the highest level possible and empowered her to strive to meet those goals.  Whether it's Coach Kevin McCarthy encouraging her to "not be average " or Coach Meredith Rooney giving her some tactical tip, she has fully embraced the program.   Thanks for a great training experience.  
Maria Bloom

Next Gen Experience

I can't thank you and Kevin enough for the quality of Next Gen's training. I have witnessed a vast improvement in Christian's play and decision making when on the field. He looks forward to Friday nights with Next Gen and so do his Massapequa teammates.
Hope to continue being part of  this program for many years to come. The sky's the limit !!
Don Canade

Next Gen International Festival (Golden Goal)

A quick note to let you know that I picked up my daughter Sophia from Golden Goal yesterday - Usually a teen of few words, from the moment we got into the car she was so motivated and jazzed up about her entire experience. She had only positive things to say about the coaching emphasizing that she learned something different from each training experience. She was especially impressed with Coach Meredith. A bit of a late bloomer, it was Sophia's first NextGen experience and I know she was a bit nervous when I dropped her off - I picked up a daughter with a completely different demeanor and view about her own abilities. Clearly soccer played a huge part of the past week but was also vehicle by which you gave her so much more. The first thing she said to me this morning was “I miss camp”. Thank you.
Looking forward to lending you my son at the end of the month!
Liza Flanagan