International Development Festivals FAQ's

When will you announce the lineup of IDF coaches for 2018?
The 2018 festival coaching line-up will begin to be announced in late March, with regular updates provided by email and on the IDF Page of our web-site.

What is the selection process to be identified by the International coaches to train and play at their academy?

Each International coach is genuinely looking for talented players for their clubs. If they identify anyone at the Festivals they will notify Next Gen USA staff who will make the necessary arrangements between the respective pro club, the parents and the current club of the identified player.

Does Next Gen identify new players at the IDF’s?

Yes. IDF’s are the preferred format for new players to be identified for Next Gen USA Tours & Tournaments. From there many are invited directly into a Select Squad, or invited to one of our Regional Training Centers

Is there medical supervision during training and games?

Yes. During Residential IDF, a licensed health care professional will be on hand during all on-field activities. He or she will be able to assist with all minor injuries or illness at the on-site medical facility. For any more serious injuries or illness the local hospital is a very short distance away.

Are meals included?

All meals at RESIDENTIAL IDFs will be included in the base cost for the camp.

What if my child has food allergies?

Please communicate all known food allergies at your earliest convenience so that we can make the necessary arrangements with the staff at all venues

Will my children be supervised in the rooms/cabins?

Yes, at Golden Goal, each cabin will have at least 1 adult chaperone living there for the duration of the camp to supervise the players off the field activity. At the University, staff are on the same floor as the players.

Do you accept roommate requests?
At Golden Goal IDF,  players are lodged in large cabins, making it easier for groups of friends and/or club teammates to bunk together. At the University players are in rooms of 2 or 3. Next Gen USA will attempt to honor all roommate requests, so long as they are communicated at least one week prior to the festival.

Are parents allowed to stay at the Residential facilities?

No, parents are not allowed to stay on site, but Next Gen USA is happy to provide a list of local accommodations. Parents are welcome to attend the daily evening games program plus the finals and awards ceremony.

If my child cannot attend the entire festival is it possible to make arrangements to attend only a portion of the festival?
While we recommend that players attend the entire festival, we understand that some circumstances can prevent this from happening. If you’d like to have your child attend a portion of a festival, please contact IDF Program Director Jeff Bookman at

Is it possible to combine Next Gen IDF Promotional Rates or Discounts?

No, it is not possible to combine Next Gen IDF Discounts. We will honor the largest discount. 


When can I expect to receive full details of drop-off/pick-up times?

All information about every aspect of the Festival will be sent out at least one month before the start and published on the website.

Is there any means of transport provided?

Typically, we have not provided transport and parents have made their own arrangements. However, for Golden Goal, we are looking at costs of buses to pick up and drop-off at strategic locations between NJ and the facility. Announcements will be made very soon.