Week 1

We have decided to feature players of the week within our program. These players deserve the recognition due to their hard work both on and off of the field. The award will be weekly and feature players from different centers. 

Our first ever player of the week goes to Angus Kenson from The Life Center Academy training center in Burlington, NJ! Kenson plays for PDA South as a center mid and seeks inspiration from his favorite player Paul Pogba who plays for Juventus. His favorite food is fish and chips with malt vinegar.

When asked if he has any training tips for players, he responded, "Whenever you strike the ball, practice where the foot makes contact with the ball. Remember it's not about how hard you swing your leg, but the technique in how you strike the ball. I watch a Youtube chanel called Freekickerz to watch different player techniques. I like Next Gen because it provides a good environment with the best players in the region. I like that it's not just about soccer but about life skills too."

Thanks Angus! And once again, congratulations on winning the player of the week award!

Week 2

This week’s Next Gen USA’s Player of The Week goes to Colleen Farrell! The center midfielder from Clarkstown Soccer Club has been pushing herself both on and off of the field within the program. With her favorite player being Tobin Heath, Farrell shows the right attitude better herself.

“I like to prove people wrong,” said Farrell. “If someone says I can't do something I use that as motivation to prove them wrong. Next Gen gives me an opportunity to train with players I haven't played with before and it expands my soccer knowledge. The character of champions helps me focus on one concept on and off the field.”

Training tips from Colleen: “I like to do the 30/30/30 workout. It's helps with endurance, do 30 seconds of sprinting, 30 seconds of jogging & 30 seconds of walking. Repeat this 2-3 times. You will immediately see improvement.”

Thanks Colleen for the tips and congratulations again on winning the player of the week!


This week’s Player of The Week goes to Aaliyah LoVerso from Albertson Fury 03’! The defender has been showing great quality on the field during her training sessions and off of the field for the Character of Champions workshops! 

While playing at the #NGUSA training center at Aviator Sports Center in Brooklyn, NY, LoVerso has given credit to Next Gen to helping her grow as a soccer player. “Next Gen has been a great experience for me to development. Next Gen is helping me with my weaknesses and enhancing my strengths in soccer. I love working with the Next Gen coaches. They provide valuable information at practices.” 

LoVerso’s favorite player is Carli Lloyd, who had an amazing World Cup this past summer. When asked what motivated her LoVerso responded, “When the USWNT won the Women's World Cup this past summer. I feel that watching what the Women's team accomplished inspires me to work harder at practices and to play my best in games. The USWNT and their players is a motivation for me to know that if they can reach their goals and dreams, I can do the same.”

Training Tips from Aaliyah: “When training on my own, I feel it is important for players to work on both feet, especially the weaker foot. I feel this will make a stronger player.” 

Thanks Aaliyah for your tips and congratulations on winning the Player of The Week!


This week’s Player of The Week goes to Drew Heil from Washington United! Heil has shown great character during his Next Gen training sessions and has been a standout during his classroom workshops!

Recently, Drew fractured his foot. Even though he has been injured, he has still come out to the sessions to learn. At the #NGUSA Total Turf Training Center, Heil is part of the School Release Program. In this Best-With-Best environment, Heil has continued to excel as a player. He gets his energy from fueling up on pasta, but even though he is not the biggest player, Heil holds his ground.

“Being the smallest on the field is my best motivation,” said Heil. “My size is always pointed out to me. This motivates me to work even harder. I will not back down from anyone at any size.” 

The young midfielder uses his skill to beat players who are bigger than him. His favorite player, Arjen Robben, uses skill as well to get past big strong defenders in the top leagues of the world.  

“Next Gen gives me the opportunity to train with high level players who love the game as much as I do. The coaches not only train me to be a better player but they teach me about respect, positive attitude and to have confidence.”

Tips from Drew: “My training tip would be to juggle every day. Always challenge yourself to beat your record.”

Thanks Drew! And once again, congratulations on winning this week’s Player of The Week!

Week 5

This week’s Player of The Week goes to Nick Keating from Howell United SC Revolution! Keating has been a great player on and off the field at the #NGUSA U-Athletic Performance Training Center in Farmingdale, NJ!

Even though Keating is a central defender he gets his foot skills from his favorite player, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. During his #ETC sessions Keating has become better and better. He believes that working hard should not be the only part a player’s game.

“Play your hardest and support your teammates,” said Keating. “It (Next Gen) is a great learning experience in life, using soccer as how we get together. Knowing that every game is a new game and I will use what I learned in training, on the field.”

Well said Nick and thanks for your time! Once again, congratulations on winning this week’s Player of The Week!


This week’s Player of The Week goes to George Katsiotis from Delran FC! This fall was Katsiotis’ first session with Next Gen. He has showed great character within the Next Gen program during his time at the #NGUSA Total Turf training facility in Pitman, NJ. 

Katsiotis plays in central midfield as well as defender for his team. He replicates his style of play from Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta. With Katsiotis creative style, it is very easy to tell that he enjoys playing the game of soccer. 

“I think Next Gen is great!” said Katsiotis. “It provides excellent training for talented soccer players.”

Training Tips From George: “My training tip for players is to try and get at least 500 touches on a soccer ball and juggle for at least 10 minutes each day”

Thanks for the tips George and once again, congratulations on winning this week’s Player of The Week!