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Developmental Purpose

  • Emerging Talent Centers (ETC) are designed to accelerate the growth of promising young players not yet considered ready for Regional Training Centers (RTC), but who have the desire to improve.
  • The program allows talented players who may not be the tallest or most skillful in the team, YET, time to develop and grow within a professional learning environment.

How it works

  • ETC is by invitation. Only players nominated by their clubs or are scouted by Next Gen can participate in the program.
  • Nominated or Scouted Players are invited into local Development Days where Next Gen Coaches observe their ability and attitude in training sessions, small-sided games and interactive player development workshops.
  • If selected, ETC is a year-round program that is divided into 3 seasonal training cycles. (Fall, Winter & Spring)
  • At all times in our programs, players remain on their club teams.


Why be part of it?

  • ETC represents a genuine chance for players to develop and advance to the Next Gen Regional Training Center Program. To date, over 50 players have progressed from ETC into RTC.
  •  Character of Champions - Most parents find that these inspirational, interactive workshops are what makes our program unique. In these workshops, players learn to take personal responsibility for their own soccer, academic and lifestyle development. 
  • Select Squad Tours - Selected in ETC (boys and girls) will be chosen to form squads to participate in a training and games programs against leading youth development academies in Europe and South America.

ETC is a Long Term Player Development Program which will be of great benefit to all children, both as people as well as players and irrespective of making the Regional Training Centers program. Therefore, parents are encouraged to be patient as – THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO DEVELOPMENT.

Next gen's select squad at
u13 International champions league

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Registration now open!

About the new ETC Program

Age Groups

  • BOYS & GIRLS born in 2002 - 2007.

Training Program

  • Weekly syllabus designed to accelerate the progression of "like for like" players into higher levels of Next Gen development programs. 

Games Program

  • A festival-based developmental games program between neighboring Emerging Talent Centers, allowing Next Gen to monitor players performance and observe their ability to impact competitive games.

International Development Experience

  • Players participating in ETC will have the opportunity to be selected to travel abroad to train and play against International competition.

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Players will receive verbal feedback at the end of each programming period and a detailed performance evaluation at completion of the three ETC cycles.

To find out more about the ETC Program please contact Jeff Bookman