Why Give?

Studies suggest that the adolescent years are extremely formative, and athletic involvement is a powerful influence in value and identity development. At Next Gen USA, we believe that a holistic approach to engaging adolescent youth in values-based educational and life skills curricula can and do influence how a child develops character, leadership skills, intellectual curiosity, and a passion for a career in sport.

Next Gen USA’s proprietary system of developing a world class athlete utilizes a holistic educational philosophy where a child’s desire to learn and play is complimented with enumerable opportunities to study and explore themes and units tied to core academic standards of learning that provoke self-expression, instill honor, integrity and responsibility, and challenge each student-athlete to set goals and strive for excellence.

With a committed Board of Directors, a thriving Urban Promise Network and enthusiastic start to the Next Gen USA Leadership Academy, the Next Gen USA Leadership Foundation supports educational programs that offer each youth participant a fun, affordable and meaningful experience that enriches and fosters a love for, and connection with, sport and academic enrichment.

Gifts made to the Foundation will support the Next Gen USA Scholarship Fund and help underwrite expenses associated with the Urban Promise Program, which is now underway in Atlantic City, New Jersey. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help enrich lives through the passion for sport, please contact Douglas Homer or give now.

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