Developmental Purpose

  • College prospects can be overwhelmed as they try to balance soccer, academics and extracurricular activities.  Add the need to focus on the college application process, and you can have a stressed-out player and parents.
  • Prospects have only one opportunity to be successful at the college recruiting process. Next Gen USA College Prep will provide recruits with the expert support they need at all levels during this critical time.
The concepts presented are an outstanding introduction to concepts that these children will use for years to come in their athletic, personal and future careers
— Scott Fenstermacher

About the Program

  • The Next Gen program will immerse recruits in a competitive and challenging atmosphere that will kick start the process for a powerful college application that demonstrates strengths, highlights talents, interests, awards, and individual quality.
  • Next Gen USA recruits will be prepared with a logistical, strategic plan for the college recruiting process that will include a list of appropriate schools and soccer programs.
  •  The program will provide a great opportunity to train and play in front of collegiate level coaches.
  •  Next Gen USA recruits will have advanced impression management skills and leadership training.
  •  Recruits will receive comprehensive evaluations and feedback from college coaches and the Next Gen USA staff.

Why you should be part of it

  • The Next Gen College Prep Program will focus on creating the direction, confidence and knowledge to be successful in finding a best-fit college. 
  • Recruits will depart with readiness in the areas of academics, application excellence, leadership training, image management, as well as the soccer skills and tactics that are required to play at the next level.
  • Next Gen USA recruits will be confident, organized, and well prepared to tackle the recruiting process, the college admissions process and college soccer.   


For information on Next Gen College Prep Programs contact Kevin McCarthy


“I thoroughly enjoyed the brand of soccer that the Next Gen USA team played at the Arizona Presidents Day College showcase. It was the correct way to play soccer….it was adventurous, expansive, lots of attacking play, creative and disciplined. The players fully understood their roles and their work rate and attitude was exceptional. Incredible that it’s not a club team that’s trains together regularly which is a testament to the coaching staff and the program that they could prepare and educate a team so well to perform at such a high level…I will certainly be seeing where this group plays next!”


Jordan Dale
Assistant Coach Hobart College