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Developmental Purpose

  • Next Gen USA's Character of Champions program helps players develop winning habits on and off the field.
  • Talented players will never reach their potential without demonstrating a winning attitude, strong character and leadership qualities.
  • Regardless of how high the soccer ladder players climb the lessons they learn through sports such as confidence, responsibility, teamwork and persistence will serve them well in college, future careers and in life itself.

How it Works

  • At the beginning of each training cycle players set their soccer, academic and personal goals plus individual development plan for the upcoming season.
  • After each field training session players participate in short interactive Character of Champions workshops.  
  • For homework players complete worksheets on how they can integrate their learning into everyday activities in soccer, school and at home.
  • At the end of each training cycle players discuss their progress with Next Gen staff and transfer their lessons learned into their goal setting for the next training cycle.

What Players are saying about Character of Champions

“ It’s helping me become a better person and have a more positive attitude” – Brady Mullins.

“ It has made me even more determined to get better grades and allowed me to become a role model at my school” - Nick Manno

“ It’s helped me with my behavior and being respectful by looking people in the eyes while shaking their hand” – Antek Sienkel

“ It’s helping me make better choices in life “ - Shane Farell

“ From the values and expectations that are given to us at Next Gen, I now take that everywhere I go” – Chris Hunt


To find out more about how our 'Character of Champions' program can benefit your club, please contact Tony Williams -