Proud Club Affiliates 

RVSC, Level 1 Club Affliliate 

RVSC, Level 1 Club Affliliate 

Next Gen USA has helped raise the technical ability in our players. This has had a profound effect on our players and RVSC teams.
— Joe Arone
SWSA, Level 1 Club Affiliate

SWSA, Level 1 Club Affiliate

Our club has participated in the Emerging Talent Centers and we have been thoroughly impressed with the overall experience. Our players are receiving outstanding training sessions as well as learning some valuable life lessons in the Character of Champions sessions. I like the fact that the players are training in a club neutral environment. There isn’t any pressure placed on the players in worrying about trying out or being selected to an elite club team. The players aren’t pressured into moving on from their club and this allows them to play with their friends. As the President of a large soccer association I sincerely appreciate the level of professionalism our top players are receiving as part of Next Gen
— Benito Komadina, President SWSA Soccer Association
Southwest FC, Level 1 Club Affiliate

Southwest FC, Level 1 Club Affiliate

I am glad to have our club as an affiliate with Next Gen USA. Our players are receiving the best training and they are learning skills on and off the field and in everyday life. We love the fact that the players are training in a club neutral environment. The players don’t feel like they have to do well to make it and that there is no pressure. Players get to make new friends and teammates at the training sessions. All of Coaching Staff are Professional and Respectful. Myself and Southwest Futbol Club are very pleased and happy to be part of Next Gen USA.
— Peter Rivera, Southwest FC Club President

Become a Development Club Affiliate 

How does it Work ?

  • If your club has nominated players into our TIP or ETC player progression programs you are eligible to participate.
  • To register your club simply click the register button at the base of this page.


What are the benefits ?

To your club:

  • The Next Gen Player Progression Pathway helps clubs to attract and retain top talent
  • Being recognized as a development affiliate of Next Gen USA will help create a positive image for the club with parents and in the local market place.
  • Your Clubs Logo will be displayed as a Next Gen USA Development Affiliate on our website. 
  • As a Development Affiliate you can display the Next Gen Logo on your website, plus on your tryout and all other club promotional materials.
  • Our affiliation with some of the world’s leading pro club academies offers multiple club development opportunities.  

To your coaches:

  • FREE access to regular coaching webinars and symposiums with top clinicians both from U.S and around the world.
  • FREE access to a resource center, which supports coaches at all levels. 

To your Parents

  • FREE access to a parental resource center, designed to support parents with meaningful educational information

 To your players:

  •  TIP is FREE to all players
  •  ETC is designed to give the late developers the opportunity to aspire to TIP
  • THE COLLEGE PREP PROGRAM guides the student athlete towards the best-fit schools for them.
  • All Next Gen USA developmental initiatives are established as extremely professional programs, designed to supplement and support the work being done in your club.

How much will it cost ?

  • ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ! - Being a Next Gen Development Affiliate member club is FREE of charge.

Register your club

To register your club as a Next Gen Development Affiliate please complete the short information form.

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To Find out more

If you would like to find out more about the Development Affiliate Program  please contact Scott Middlemass