Dear Next Gen Player,

Congratulations!  I am delighted that you have been selected to participate in the prestigious Rotterdam Cup in Holland:  June 5th – 12th 2018.

This tournament will provide you with an excellent opportunity to match both your ability and professionalism by playing against some of the world’s finest youth academies.  

Teams in this years tournament:

Rotterdam 07.jpg



We will provide you with specific details for flight arrangements, drop off and pick up times once we have a clearer understanding of where players are traveling from, as we will try to make it as convenient as possible for you. 


We will stay together as a group at a hotel close to the fields. We will provide the name and address of Hotel once we get confirmation from the tournament. 


Our Next Gen delegation will include Next Gen Development Directors and Guest International Coaches


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided at the Hotel.


Parental Contact

In order to better develop the self-responsibility and maturity of the players, this trip will be for players only. Parents are welcome to travel to watch the matches but are not permitted to book the same flights or stay in the same lodging as the players.  This is done because we are working to better prepare players for potential U.S. National Team Programs and Professional Club travel. Please note Parents not abiding by this policy will jeopardize their son’s participation in future international experiences.

Players are permitted to travel with cell phones and will be asked to contact parents once we land in Holland and arrive back in the U.S.                               


The cost of the tour is $3,495 per player, which includes flights *(from NJ/NY airports), pre-tour training, accommodations, meals, ground transportation, training and tournament fees etc.

Players will only need limited spending money for expenses such as match tickets, sightseeing events, phone calls, beverages & souvenirs.  Travel/Medical Insurance is the responsibility of each family.

* see FAQ re flights from States outside NY/NJ

*Payment Schedule (if Needed )

Deposit                          $795                   Immediately - No refunds

Second Payment           $975                   by February 15th, 2018

Third Payment               $975                   by March 15th, 2018

Final Payment*              $750                   by April 15th, 2018 

Please note families must be paid in full prior to departure.

Payments can be made via Pay Pal , Credit Card or Check, which should be made out to Next Gen USA and mailed to Next Gen USA 601 Pemberton Browns Mills Road , Pemberton NJ 08068.

*  Final costs may vary for players selected from States that do not border or are in close proximity to NJ & NY airports. We will provide specific details for
   flight arrangements, drop off and pick up times.  We are trying to make it as convenient as possible for our families while holding true to our core values.

** See FAQ's for late payment charges and full payments prior to travel.

Please RSVP and register for the tour by clicking on the the red button below.


In order to travel all players must have their own passport. If you already have a passport please check its expiration date. If you do not currently have a passport please start this process immediately.

Player and Parents Meeting

We will be holding a Players & Parents webinar prior to our trip.

Please refer to our "Frequently asked questions" for answers to questions that you may have.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or 914-406-6335.

Kind Regards,


Jeff Bookman



Rotterdam cup 2018 Select SQUAD Registration Form

NOTE: When entering the player's name, please verify the spelling of the name is exactly as it appears on their passport.

PASSPORT REQUIREMENTS:  Players passport's must be valid for three months beyond the length of stay and issued within the past 10 years.  Please verify your son's passport expiration date, it must be valid 90 days after June 12th, 2018.


You will need to "Submit" the PLAYER FORM above first before proceeding to the payment section below. 

Once you have completed and submitted the player form, please proceed to submit your deposit for the 2018 Rotterdam Cup Select Squad travelling on June 5th, 2018.  Initial deposit of $795 is required upon registration to reserve your spot upon registration.

Deposit                         $795                  Immediately - No refunds

Second Payment          $975                  by February 15th, 2018

Third Payment              $975                  by March 15th, 2018

Final Payment*              $750                 by April 15th, 2018