Over 2,000 children participate in Next Gen USA programs. Each has their own special qualities and needs. With 2018 off and running, please consider making the Next Gen USA Leadership Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, one of your preferred charities!



Where will Next Gen USA's International Select Squads jet off to next?

Next Gen USA was among European elites this June at the 2017 Rood Wit International U10 tournament in the Netherlands.  

DID YOU KNOW? Next Gen USA's developmental purpose is to support the U.S. Soccer Federation's identification, training and development of the most promising youth soccer players in the United States.



I couldn’t imagine a better leadership team than Kevin, Tony and Jeff to advance player development in the United States. Their depth of knowledge and experience can educate and empower American youth players to reach new heights. I am delighted to collaborate with them and share best practices in creating inspirational player development environments for girls and young women.
— Emma HAYES, Manager, Chelsea FC Ladies
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